Heritage Credits

Banking rewards for Heritage customers.

Heritage Credits

At Heritage, we understand the importance of rewarding our loyal customers. That's why we offer our Heritage Credits banking rewards program. Heritage Credits allows you to earn credits (rewards points) to spend on products for your home and lifestyle as well as physical and electronic gift cards from a wide range of retailers.

How to register

You'll be automatically registered for Heritage Credits if you have an eligible rewards credit card such as our Platinum Visa or Classic Visa. You'll also be registered if you hold products from at least three of the following different product categories:

Earning Credits

Once registered, you can earn credits for a wide range of activities including:

  • Spending on your eligible rewards credit card
  • Membership anniversaries
  • Spending at nominated bonus partners
  • Special promotions

Credit Card Accounts

How credits are awarded

Visa Platinum Credit Card

Every whole $1,500 spent per calendar month receives 3 credits for that month.

Visa Classic Credit Card - Excludes My First Credit Card

Every whole $1,300 spent per calendar month receives 1 credits for that month.

Visa Gold With Rewards - No longer for sale Every whole $1,400 spent per calendar month receives 2 Credits for that month.


Membership Anniversaries

How credits are awarded

2 to 4 years

1 credit each year awarded on your anniversary date 

5 to 7 years   2 credits each year awarded on your anniversary date 
8 years and beyond  3 credits each year awarded on your anniversary date 
Redeeming Credits

You can view your credits balance, browse the rewards range or redeem your credits any time online or over the phone.


Login to Heritage Online. Click the 'Services' tab, then select 'Rewarding You' to be taken to the Heritage Credits website. 

Over the phone

Call 13 14 22 and select Option 8 for the Heritage Credits service team. The Heritage Credits service team is available Monday - Friday between 9am- 5pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Terms & Conditions

Further terms and conditions apply.  For full terms and conditions of the Heritage Credits banking rewards program, view the Guide to Heritage Credit Card Products.