Heritage launches mobile payments app

Heritage Bank customers can now pay for transactions with a simple tap of their phone, with the bank today launching a new mobile payments app called MobilePay.

Heritage Bank continues to upstage larger rivals with the launch today of its new Heritage MobilePay app, enabling customers to pay for goods with a tap of their phone.

Heritage customers can now use the app to authorise transactions from their linked Visa credit or debit account simply by tapping their compatible smart phone at a Visa payWave terminal.

Heritage is the first bank in Australia, outside the big 4, to develop and launch its own mobile payments solution in-house.

Heritage CEO Mr John Minz said the unique MobilePay system offered a number of security and simplicity advantages.

“Our MobilePay system is great news for customers as it provides a quick, simple and secure way for them to use their mobile phone to authorise payments,” Mr Minz said.

“Our solution works by creating a ‘virtual’ copy of your Visa debit or credit card on your phone, with a completely different number. You can then tap your phone at Visa payWave terminals to make transactions from your linked account.

“Receiving a completely separate number means you keep your existing credit or debit card secure, and you don't need to type in any personal information like card numbers, card verification numbers, or a PIN.

“Heritage brings an Australian app which works for both Visa debit and credit cards on all compatible Android NFC-capable devices, with coverage everywhere and no need to use a sticker on your phone.”

MobilePay requires users to have an Android 4.4 with Kit Kat software and above, NFC functionality, and a Visa credit or debit account with Heritage.

Getting started is a simple matter of downloading the MobilePay app, and ringing Heritage’s Contact Centre to set up and verify access.

The tap and go feature works for transactions up to $100. For transactions above that amount, customers can still use their phone but will have to also enter a PIN.

Heritage is an acknowledged leader in Australia in developing cards and payment solutions, collaborating on products with partners such as Australia Post, Optus and Qantas in recent years.

For more information: Andrew Fox, Heritage Manager Corporate Communications, 0419 714 204

Note: Heritage Bank Mobile Pay service was discontinued on 28 September 2018 to make room for new payment platforms.

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