We're writing to a number of home loan customers in Victoria

25 June 2021

We are currently writing to a number of our Victorian home loan customers about a procedural error relating to their mortgage documentation.

This procedural error, which impacted home loans for properties in Victoria during the period from February 2018 until January 2021, meant we have been unable to correctly register these mortgages with the Victorian Land Registry Services.

To remedy the matter, we have requested the borrowers, and any guarantors, to sign new mortgage documentation and send it back to us.

In some cases, because it is required by the Victorian Land Registry Services, we have also requested borrowers and guarantors to verify their identity.  Where this is required, our Member Assist Team will contact borrowers and guarantors to explain how verification can be done simply and quickly with our online identity agent, InfoTrack.

 If you have any questions about this matter, please call our dedicated support service on 1300 726 100 or email vic.info@heritage.com.au


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