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Choose a variable or fixed home loan rate below, or download our rates for new home loans, to see what interest rate may apply for your new owner occupied or investment loan.

Discount Variable Home Loan rates from
2.19 % PA 2.24 % PA
Owner Occupier (Principal & Interest) $700,000 or more - less than 70% LVR
Comparison Rate* See Comparison Rate warning
Fixed Rate Home Loans from
2.39 % PA 2.96 % PA
New 2-Year Fixed Owner Occupied (Principal & Interest) Loans in Package of $150,000+ up to 90% LVR1 . Package criteria applies.
Comparison Rate* See Comparison Rate warning
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What is LVR?
Learn more about Loan to Value Ratio (LVR), how it’s calculated and what effect it can have on your mortgage.
Loan switching interest rates for existing Heritage home loans

Owner-occupied and investment interest rates that apply if you would like to switch your Heritage loan to a different product type. 

Interest rates for home loan products withdrawn from sale

Interest rates for owner-occupied and investment home loans withdrawn from sale. 

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